VIAR Spa acquired the majority of the historic company Forgiatura Marcora
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VIAR Spa acquired the majority of the historic company Forgiatura Marcora

Viar Spa, which has been operational in the onshore and offshore plant sectors since 1980 through the design, production and supply of outlet fittings, special flanges, connectors and forged pieces with the exception of valves, has the pleasure to report the finalization of the acquisition of majority share in the historical company “ Forgiatura Marcora Srl” of Olgiate Olona (VA).
This operation enables VIAR to complete the vertical integration by which can ensure the direct management and control of all key steps of the manufacturing cycle of its products, starting from alloys coming from Italian and European steel plants.
Moreover, VIAR Group enlarges its experience and know-how in the field of design and manufacturing alloy products which permits the research empowerment of continuous improvement of its quality system.
The enthusiasm, which has been the life force of such incessant research, passed through achieving various quality certificates, comes from VIAR strong commitment, shared by Forgiatura Marcora, to ensure always complete customer satisfaction.
VIAR Spa and Forgiatura Marcora firmly believe that customer satisfaction is a founding element which has allowed them to grow and which will allow them to become a reference point for the sector ac24xps.
It is important to state that VIAR Spa does not hold or possess any part of and does not have any connection with any valve producing companies.

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