Australia – New Zeland: best quality forging from Italy

Australia – New Zeland: best quality forging from Italy

Forgiatura Marcora and Fomec offer a wide range of products for the major sectors of the industry.

Trade e Steel Distribution:

Round bars, square bars, plate bars, disks, wheels, etc


Shafts, cylinders, pistons, columns, bushes, discs, plates, mandrels for gear boxes, paper machine, oil-pressure & mech. Eccentric shaft, cylinders, pistons, columns, normal and eccentric bushes, rings, discs, plates, for: Hydraulic, oil-pressure and mechanical presses

Screws, shafts, blocs, spindles for: plastic textile, paper, rubber, wood material machineries Gears, mandrels, discs for: machine tools, gear boxes

Oil & gas

Body valves, special flanges, bonnets, closures, spool trees, tubes, xmas trees,connectors, etc. for surface and subsea installation, Rings, Flanges, Shaft, Rotors, Spindles

Transportations & Facilities

Rudder shafts, propeller shafts, hubs, sliding wheels, gears, rotors for helicopters, aircrafts, trains, marine industry, shafts, weels, axles, gears, pulleys

Iron & Steel industry

Cylinders, mandrels, shafts, pinions, blocs, wheels, joints, yokes for rolling mills, steel plants, mines

Power generation

Shafts, rotors, gears, bushes, plates, discs for steam & gas turbines, engines, compressors,wind turbines, nuclear installation

Hydro power

Pinions, discs, rings, shafts, blocs

Wind power

Shafts, pinions, discs

Mine industry

Rings, wheels, rolls, pistons, blocs, hubs, tubes, crank shafts


Rudder-trunk, trunk-pipe, hub, intermediate shaft, fin shaft



The company Forgiatura Marcora

Founded in 1952 by Giancarlo Marcora, Forgiatura Marcora is currently owned and managed by his son Roberto and his nephews Michele (C.E.O) and Roberta Marcora. Forgiatura Marcora is an open die forging shop producing forgings in carbon, stainless and inox steels, machined, heat treated and inspected up to the maximum weight of 7 tons and 8 mt long. 55 people work in Forgiatura Marcora together with agents in Italy and abroad. In the recent years Forgiatura Marcora has improved his production capacity with new and modern equipments so to get to the yearly production of about 8.500 tons of forged products. From many years all inspections and tests are internally performed according to the main European Third Party of Inspection and from 1998 the whole organization works according to the European norm ISO 9001:2000 approved by B.V.Q.I.

Forgiatura Marcora approvals

STATOIL, Det Norske Veritas DNV, Lloyd’s Register LRS, TÜV, Bureau Veritas BV, American Bureau of Shipping ABS, R.I.N.A., AGUSTA WESTLAND

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The company Fomec

Active since 1976 in open die forging, Fomec produces about 30,000 ton / year of bars, plates, wheels, discs and shafts up to 35 ton according to the customer’s specifications. The competitive advantage of the company is based on a lean and agile flexibility in programming, short deliveries and a direct customer interaction with the heart of the business.

Fomec approvals

ISO 9001:2008, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd, TUV NORD

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